Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay!!!

On Wednesday 30th May the Olympic Torch passed through Shrewsbury and all of our school, (Greenfields) went to watch it. The atmosphere was amazing with almost 40,000 people around the town. We waited for about an hour for this exciting moment. Before the torch came past, there were lots of police, Olympic Vehicles and a few other runners in front. There was a girl named Chloe who ran with the Torch after the coaches. This experience was a once in a life time chance for some of the pupils in Greenfields.

Many children have said they enjoyed this trip and would love to see it again, (especially when they were giving out free flags and coke). Our school was so close to being on TV but missed, anyway, we all enjoyed it and so did the teachers!

By Rhiannon and Emily

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

French Video - By Chloe, Olivia, Sasha, Elisha, Emily and Rhiannon.

Another French Tour has been finished. Take a look at our video:

Her Majesty The Queen's Jubilee Video #1

We have been celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by writng RAPs. We decided to make a music video to go with them.  To do this, we used GarageBand, iMovie and InfinFX on our new iPads. We learned how to use all three apps and improve our ICT skills by putting all three into the one video.
This one is by Jack B, Jack N, Ashley, Michael and Matty.

You can see more videos below.

Her Majesty The Queen's Jubilee Video #2

RAP video by Tess, Rosie, Rhiannon, Dylan and Liam.

Her Majesty The Queen's Jubilee Rap #3

RAP video by Mitch, Toby, Aran, Matty Luke and Greg

Monday, 28 May 2012

E-Safety - Remove the Navbar Tutorial By Jack

A few of the children in our class are beginning to create a blog of their own. We realise that the NavBar at the top of the blog is an E-safety problem as the 'Next Blog' button can lead you to nasty blogs. I decided to share my knowledge of removing it with the whole class. So enjoy my video!

Here is the code I mentioned in the video that you need to insert:
#navbar-iframe {
   display: none !important;

By your digital leader Jack.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Story Writing

Jess's 100 Word Challenge Week 31

The trap door

As Tim and Moby walked towards the strange door, it opened by it’s self. They thought about if they should go through the rusty, old door. But as they walked round the fascinating door, they fell down into the darkness of an under ground maze.

Luckily they were we not hurt. Tim shouted at the top of his lungs, “where are we,
Have we fallen into Oblivion!?” However the two adventures did not know that these
were the grounds where the King, (over one-hundred years ago) hid from his enemies.   

They explored the caves one-hundred times. But would they survive in the caves?...

New Poll - Free Programs

There is a new poll out on our blog - Free Programs. The idea is: You can click on the links below; they will take you to the program's website. Look at the description on the website - or maybe download it! After you have made your decision, you can vote which is the best free program.
This poll subject is a good idea, because it can help with ICT skills and you can discover new programs. It was inspired by the Digital Leaders.

The programs are:

Have fun! Maple's DL's.

Alex's 100 Word Challenge Week 31

The fountain

Wow I can’t believe my eyes we found what everyone has been looking for. The fountain of youth! It was beautiful, the sun made the wet substance look like glittering diamonds. “Wow!” I said speechless as I dived onto the soft bed of grass, and relaxed in the sun.

Then I tested the water on a monkey, and when I pulled him out he was gone. Then I noticed I only needed a drop. “Moby NOOOOO!” I shouted…

Francesca's 100 Word Challenge Week 31

Hotel Monkey.

“At last Moby,” I said excitedly. “We’ve found it!” It was the world’s first, top secret monkey hotel, a cool and modern home for monkeys around the jungle. The hotel was massive, but only had one floor, and the monkeys were treated like humans. “Look Moby,” I said laughing, “The monkeys are having room service, and the bell boys are monkeys!”
            Something was wrong. There were bright lights streaming out of the windows of the hotel. Monkeys came rushing out of the hotel, and ran up the hill to where me and Moby were standing. BAM! Monkeys flew everywhere…

Luke's 100 Word Challenge Week 31

The Emerald statue

 I can't believe it! I am looking at the statue of emerald. I am living to tell the tale of this magnificent shiny statue. Shimmering with light glowing gleaming in my eyes. This antiquated statue has not been found for years. This statue holds a world wide powerful crystal inside. This is shaped in a weird shape its like a pyramid. As the bright blistering sun light shines on it, I want to get closer but I don’t know if I should, oh well, nothing can happen there wont be a bomb on it or something. I take one step….

Tessa's 100 Word Challenge Week 31

Tears of Gold.

“We’ve finally found it Moby!” I squealed. After months of searching, we had finally found the mask of Anubis. It glowed a tremendous gold, in the orchard green forest. It was from ancient Egypt. It was said that at a funeral of a Pharaoh it (when worn) would weep tears of gold, and I had found it! But now I had an excruciating choice. Keep it for myself –and tears of gold-, or sell it for millions? Well before I made that decision I would have to make it home. Uh-oh I’d forgotten the way! Would we die out here?...  

Rosie's 100 Word Challenge Week 31

The beach  of wonder

It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.  Billions of tiny jewels glimmered in the bright sunlight, acting like sand on this incredible beach.  The gentle waves, as blue as the sky, weren't like normal seawater, they were sugar-water with the medical properties to cure every disease.  I pulled out a small pouch and a flask from my rucksack and started to scoop up the jewels and sugar-water. But then I remembered.  Legend has it that whoever steals from this wondrous site will be cursed for the rest of their lives!  What had I done?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

SATs are here!!

Well, SATs week is finally here.  We have all been working really hard and some of us are actually now looking forward to showing what we can do.
You will all be fantastic Maple Class. Just do your very best. Go and show what you are capable of and....

Friday, 11 May 2012

Photograph Competition Week 1

This is the first week of our class photo competition.  Each week, the children in our class can send in a photo they have taken.  Our Digital Leaders will judge their favourite and the winner will be announced.

As it's the first week, we have asked Mr Morris our Headteacher to judge along with our DLs.  It was a tricky decision as the entries were of a high standard.

Here are the entries:

The winning entry was JACK N!!! with his entry entitled 'The Flying Car' The panel decided it captured a snapshot in time and managed to stay in focus too. 
Well done Jack.  
What do you think??

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rhiannon's 100 Word Challenge - Week 30

Now what do I need to make a human robot?
My evil plan shall work, and I....
“Jake, time for tea, munchkin,” shouted Mum from downstairs. “Do I have to?” I screamed back. As I ran to the dinning table I forgot to turn of my invention off. I rapidly ate my food, (vegetable pie) and then leaped back up. AHHHHHHH…..
Where has it gone?

It can’t have gone far, until I realised the massive hole in the wall. Suddenly, I heard screaming from down the road when I realised it wasn’t screaming it was …laughing.  It was very, very strange……..


Olivia's 100 Word Challenge Week 30

Splash! I fell straight into the slushy mess. “It's good but it still needs something,” I thought. “Now what do I need?” I thought my very hardest until I came up with what I thought my gross, goo bath needed. “Ah ha, I’ve got it,” I shouted “worms that’s perfect.” Hurriedly, I got out of the disgusting bath and rushed into the garden with a trowel and began to dig for my final ingredient. In the end, I found twenty four fat, filthy worms. I chucked them into my revolting bath. “This will make me into a millionaire,” I chuckled.


Boys team through to the final

Our team Greenfields Primary entered a cup called the Seven cup. On Tuesday we played the Grange school and won 7-0 Matty.B scored 6 goals and Charlie.J scored 1. After that, because we won against Grange,  we had to play st.georges and we won 2-1 Jack.D and Luke.E scored. After winning against St.Geoges, we now are playing at THE GREENHOUS MEADOW Shrewsbury ground on Friday. We have got another game today against Mereside and if we win that we will play twice at the Greenhouse Meadow. Will we tell you if we win  - keep checking in!


Click on the picture to link to the Livewriting we have been doing.

Scooter Video

At home Matty, Jack N and I have created a scooter video. Again I used VideoPad to edit it and I included some unusual special effects (such as the shadow one when Matty is going over the ramp). Jack N was on a JD Bug and Matty on a MGP Team Edition.
Jack N and I are digital leaders.

Here it is:

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Aran's 100 Word Challenge Week 29

As I left the marvellous castle, I headed into the forbidden forest! In the forest it was a place where no light could escape.  Everywhere was dark and neglected. Moreover, the place was bleak and I felt like something was following me. Something big! Suddenly the ground shook and it felt like the surface benif me was falling apart.  Just then as scaley dragon flew right infront of me.  The hudge beast opened it's jaw and let out a roar so noisily that my ear drums nearly burst! As I steadied myself, I picked up my sword and stabed the dragon through his brain.  As I left the forest, a pink sun slowly stirred.

Joe's 100 Word Challenge. Week 29

Wow! I had overheard (eavesdropped) my parents speaking about going to a marvellous castle trip.  I excitedly jumped around the room noisily.  I couldn't wait. I put my ear against the door to see if I could hear any more good news - the door swung open.  Busted!  I had been caught.  My excited outrage had attracted some attention. As I looked up, I saw a pair of angry, suspicious and frustrated looking parents, I was in deep trouble. I was getting ready for them to chew me out but they just sent me to my sisters bright pink room.  Out the window a bird flew by.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Greenfields girls football team get to the final! - by Sasha and Elisha

This is the captain of Greenfields girls football team: Sasha

On Thursday 3rd May Greenfields girls went to play at Coleham school in the semi- final. It was all up to us to win to get to Shrewsbury Town stadium. The team of Greenfields include: Tessa (goal) Megan (defence) Elisha  (defence/midfield) Lauren (defence) Olivia (defence/midfield) Gracie (midfield) Chloe  (midfield) Amy  (midfield) Sasha  (up front)
We were all very happy with the score it was 2-0 to us. The goals were scored by Sasha  and Gracie! The final is on Friday 11th May 2012!!!

French Tour of Greenfields Primary School

Bonjour to our Quadblogging friends and the rest of the world! Welcome to our French tour of our school. We made this as part of our French topic of Tours of the school. Furthermore, our other groups have filmed a tour which is not on the blog yet but will be published soon.

We had much fun going round the school filming this:

We would like to say thank you to Miss Blakeway for teaching us the phrases.

LaserBoy - Special Effects video

Alex, Jack N and Bryce (from Chestnut class) and I have recently been making a special effects video. Jack N is the LaserBoy. Alex is the Exploding boy and Bryce is the one who faints. I (Jack B) was the cameraman for every shot and producer (plus special effects editor). We used a program called VideoPad Video Editor to put together the clip and special effects. We hope you enjoy it and if there is anything you need to ask, just comment! Also comment, if you can think of  a better name for the video. Bryce, Jack N and I are digital leaders.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Michael's 100 Word Challenge

A strange type of species, that has no eyes, is full of harmony and joy. But beware of the cute ‘GLOWING’ teeth can be very effective. Just one bite of this cannibal razor sharp teeth can inject poisonous acid into your blood and could kill you within 1-2 weeks and is very painful .This beast has black and yellow fur like it’s been jelled . The big alien like creature is highly dangerous, it has two huge dragon wings. If you get hit by one it will destroy your bones and will die so beware, if you see one run like hell!!!


Rebecca's 100 Word Challenge Week 28

The Lemon turtle

The lemon turtle is an endangered herbivore (it only eats plants.) It will eat almost any plant! These animals live in lemon water, by water reeds and Lily pads.

The lemon turtle has a bright florescence yellow shell, with a cool black lemon. Its body is a murky brown, so it can blend in. The average size of a lemon turtle is 35 centimetres, however the babies are only ten centimetres.

This turtle is endangered due to habit loss, and hunters hunting them for food and there amazing lemon shells. There shells are used for cups and bowls!

But do these lemon turtles have a bright future? 

Jay's 100 Word Challenge Week 28

The Night Zookeeper
A Griller wolf is a big creature about half the size as a fully grown man. The Griller wolf has the body of a Griller, and the teeth and claws of a wolf only twice as big.  It’s teeth are green and glowing. The fur is the blackest black with a lot of it sticking up like it has been shocked. This a strange species from outer space. It also has no eyes so it hunts by it’s sense of smell, (beware the creature is highly venomous and one bite can kill you with in one hour our two hours).

Liam's 100 Word Challenge Week 28

The tiger.

A tiger is a species of cat! It is a large animal that hunts many different things like 10-14 year old girls. This extraordinary creature has claws bigger than car tyres. This cat is camouflaged in red and blue squares. This animal can be nice (if you’re nice back). The tiger can live almost anywhere form the middle of the equator to the north of the north of the North pole. The hunting method is quite simple: chase the prey till its energy runs out, then rip it apart and that will be the end of its life! What a creature.