Friday, 27 April 2012

Luke is living the dream!

Recently I have won a competion out of good talented footballers from around Shropshire. There was about 100 people attending the competion. The competion was soccer schools for 2 days when you have to follow a code of conduct and train how the man united players train.The soccer schools took place at sundorne sports village. At the end of the 2 days we had a presentation and the person who followed the code of conduct well and played good football would
win 1st prize. 1st prize was to play on Manchester united ground old trafford and 2nd place was tickets to watch a man united game. I won 1st prize! and so next month on the 20th may I go two old trafford and play on there ground for a full 90 minutes.At old trafford I will be playing people from the UK and Ireland who won the soccer schools. I have also played for Stoke city academy and Shrewsbruy devolopment centre.

We Love Livewriting!

Last night we took part in a live writing session.  Have a read of our amazing work we produced. Click to open up the book.......

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bookfest Book Awards Ceremony

Today we went to the Theatre Severn for the Bookfest Book Awards Ceremony. Four children from our class made a speech on the stage. We all got to meet the authors and some autographs were signed.
Here is a video: (sorry about the sound, its a bit quiet!)
By Jack B

Friday, 20 April 2012

Our new School Website!

Our new School Website is awesome! Its been revamped from the old one and looks stunning.
Here is a advert made by Jack B:

Have fun!
Follow this link: or click on the logo at the side of the blog.

Rosie's 100 Word Challenge Week 27

Cautiously, I crept into the dark cave. My eyes scanned across. Nothing. I stepped forward. I was wrong. Beneath my feet lay a night dragon, (Draco nitus) it’s scaly black tail paralyzed in sleep. This was a dragonologist’s dream! “Wow!” I whispered- but I shouldn’t have. I forgot that night dragons can pick up the slightest noise. The dragon slowly stirred. I pulled out a dead ferret to tame it. It came closer. Yes! I would be the first person to tame a night dragon. As the creature gnawed on it’s food, I prepared it for flight. Writing this, I’m flying, on the tamed dragon.

Chloe's 100 Word Challenge Week 27

Me and my friend (Elisha) took a step closer to stare at an incredible creature. We reached out our hands, slowly and quietly to stroke the beast without it awaking. Gently I stroked, as Elisha slapped, but the monster was still sleeping. Suddenly its one eye opened an inch. Our legs were shaking like jelly. Scared, we took a step back as the dragon’s eye closed. When we stepped closer, we found chains leading to its neck “maybe its fed up ? ” Elisha asked, I had a think. We looked around; nothing nice nearby “maybe it is” I replied. “run!” I screamed as the dragon slowly stirred …

Tessa's 100 Word Challenge Week 27

The dragon slowly stirred the evil potion. I would have done something but I was tied up (long story) ! I would have said something as well but my mouth was taped shut -good choice- ! Struggling, I tried  to free myself, no success. Finally I ripped my tape off.
"You'll never get away with this" I screamed. Wrong move. He roared so loud, that it almost deafened me. Fortunately for him, that shut me up.

Suddenly my rope ripped. I freed myself and he roared with defeat. I sprinkled fairy dust (even longer story) in the potion and ran away. The last thing I remember...

Jack B's 100 Word Challenge Week 27

Buisness  was suffering for Graham.  Only fifty four people visited his zoo on Saturday. "This is the only zoo in the country with a dragon in!" he cried, banging his head on the table.  Miserably he looked on the internet for ideas. Then he had it!  Scaly-beast Slush Puppies! Everyone loves these refreshing ice-cream drinks. He bought a machine. And trained his dragon to stir them.  The dragon slowly stirred. Unfortunately the mythical creature dribbled in the mixing bowl....
The next day, Graham proudly re-opened the zoo. The slush-puppies were an instant hit. But when the visitors drank them, they all collapsed....and died....

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Emily's 100 Word Challenge Week 26

I was so excited! It was the Easter holidays and I was going away to Lanzarote.
I love Easter…all those lovely chocolate eggs. I couldn’t take my eggs with me because it was going to be too hot, so I would have to wait until I got home to eat them.
When I arrived at the hotel I put my hand in my pocket and discovered a chocolate rabbit. I forgot I’d put it there when my friend gave it me on the last day of term. I put it on the side and went out. When I came back the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Do YOU want to be a Greenfields Digital Leader?

This term we'll be setting up our team of Digital Leaders - they'll be a small team of Year Five and Six children who will be responsible for:
- testing out new tech in school;
- helping to train other children and adults (are you confident and patient?!)
- helping to decide what tech we should have in school;
- posting your discoveries and expertise onto the Greenfields Digital Leaders' Blog;
- and also contributing to the Digital Leader Network Blog.

To apply to become a Digital Leader, you will need to go to the Greenfields Digital Leaders' Blog and find the link to the on-line application form.

Once you've completed the form, you will also need to create something using ICT which demonstrates why you would be a good Digital Leader - it could be a video, presentation, animation, blog - anything! You will need to email this to Mr Kenyon at or

When the applications are in, we'll choose a shortlist of candidates to interview (don't worry - not a scary interview!).

The deadline for applications is Friday 27th April - good luck!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Elisha's 100 Word Challenge Week 26

Dear diary,
One of the worst days of my life...
And it all began like this
It was the day Miss Harris revealed the final class project i would ever complete at primary school. We had to make a sculpture of something we loved. I was desprate to impress. I lay awake all night thinking about what I could do. Suddenly it came to me, my two favourite things were chocolate and my pet bunny called Coco. So the next day I sat by the side of my bunny and started to get to work.  after five hours, i had finally completed my work of art. I was so proud of myself, it looked amazing. I put in the fridge overnight to set. I was so excited about presenting my final peice of art work to the class. 'Ta da' I exclaimed lifting the lid off the box. "Oh no, the chocolate bunny has melted in the sun!"  I cried holding up a blob of chocolate!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Greg's 100 Word Challenge

Why is it so hot!?

Gleefully, I stepped out into the staggering heat. It
dried my throat. But I wasn’t going to let that ruin
my day! Good Friday! Hot cross buns and chocolate
galore! I placed my chocolate rabbit (people say I’m
too old for them) and my glass of squash on the table
and nipped to the loo. When I returned my glass was
steaming and the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun.
The heat was unbearable! My body couldn’t take it
because my skin turned red raw and my face crisped
and then to top off the pain... I fainted. And they say
Good Friday is good, it’s awful.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Rosie's 100 Word Challenge Week 26

“YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! It’s Easter!“ I screamed as I ran down the stairs. I pulled on my clothes and grabbed my basket for the egg hunt. When we arrived, I could see that almost every child in the area had turned up. ”GO!” At the sound of that word, a stampede of children came past me. I started to explore, looking in every possible hiding place I could see. After finding two measly mini eggs, I noticed something in the bush. An oversized bunny hopping around with a coat  that looked like it was made from chocolate. I inched closer and suddenly, the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Olivia's 100 Word Challenge Week 26

The chocolate bunny melted in the sun
Ah, finished. My first chocolate bunny. I worked for lint chocolate and I had just finished the world’s first chocolate rabbit, but things were about to go horribly wrong.
I wanted to show my boss my new creation but I couldn't find him anywhere so I put the delicious milk sculpture on a table right beneath the sun. I ran to the lift, ugh it was occupied. Stairs it was then. I ran to the fourth floor and knocked on my boss’s door. “Come in,” said James.
“I’ve got a new creation; I have made a chocolate bunny, smooth and creamy,” I said arrogantly. I ran down to the bottom floor and ran to the place where I had left the bunny. All that was left was a pile of brown slush.